Glauco Canalis Italian Freelance Photographer sitting in the sunlight gradient

Theo Gentilli
Founding Director

Project by Alex Leese with a gradient

Sue Gurner
Managing Director

Julia Kisray, event producer at Boiler Room in a pink and blue gradient

Kay Owen
Culture Director

Sita Shah
Creative Director

Sevdaliza Iranian-Dutch singer and songwriter in gradient

Dan De Frietas
Culture Director

Yaeji Korean-American Musician in a pink and blue gradient

Lex Amileke
Head of Digital

Orla Keefe
Senior Strategist

Rochelle Robertson
People, Culture & Community

Globe illustrated by Patrick Savile in a pink and blue gradient

Lorna Karechu
Cultural Strategist

Chee Shimizu from Organic Music standing outside a shop in a pink and blue gradient

Katy Voos
Senior Social & Account Manager

Zoe Stafford
Project Director

Carly Foxwell
Project Director

Donna leake playing a set into a big tent full of people in a pink and blue gradient

Jen Uche
Project Manager

Men wearing a polo shirt on a swimming pool back ground by Tropical Hotdog with a gradient

Culture Manager

Jamie Tiller from Music From Memory Gradient

Tayo Iku
Culture Executive

Saxophonist illustrated by Guarab Thakali with a pink and blue gradient

Kieran Hughes
On Trade Account Manager

Person posing on a sofa wearing a white tank top and a gold chain shot by Theo Cottle with a gradient

Kam Grant
Digital Creative

Russian Angell
Culture Executive