The Start: 

 Engage a new audience (Gen-Z), whilst maintaining relevance with Millenials and Gen X, and build long-term brand affiliation and cultural capital. 

The Strategy: 

The ambition was to position the brand as culturally relevant with music at the fore, whilst driving growth and engagement through higher tempo campaigns. The strategy was clear: reposition Wray & Nephew’s communications to hero the many faces of its community: from celebrities to music businesses to shop owners, we embraced the community, and they embraced the brand back.

The Solution: 

Reignite Wray & Nephew’s social channels after a three-month blackout during COVID-19. We built a plan around partnering with key players leading Black British culture, ‘No Signal’ and ‘Rap in Paper’, to deliver high tempo moments that younger audiences crave whilst ensuring relatability to existing audiences through always on social content.

This was underpinned by a strategy of supporting Black owned businesses during a challenging period, whilst illuminating Wray & Nephew’s community through deeper story-telling across social.

The Stats: 

80 artists signed up
7M social following
82% organic posting rates (no prompt)
172 organic posts
2420 bottles in 2020


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